Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas from the Moontails

Yuniko commissioned this sweet Christmas picture as a present to myself, Altera and Linora.

And I really love this picture :D

Altera shaking her present is just how I am in RL actually xD I laughed quite a bit when I saw Altera in this picture :D

Thank you my sweet Yuniko, I love you and Linora so much *kiss*

Xmas Present

Maise from Hentai Foundry gave me this awesome Xmas picture outta the blue :D

I am really grateful for the present, Maise. And ofc to NinjaKitty who drew this really fun and sexy picture :D

Altera and Shayla

Altera and my Shayla having some 69 fun time :)

Altera has gotten quite fond of the sweet taste of Elezen pussy juice ;)

Commissioned from Lunareyes

Altera, Sujaki and Nova

Altera and Sujaki ties up Nova to teach her how fun it is to receive dildos and futacocks in her pussy and butt :D

Commissioned from Lunareyes

Elwinne's Hotel Contest Entry

Altera was included in Elwinne's picture that she drew for the contest that Hentai Foundry held a few months ago.

And I love how her own elf, Elwinne has her big soft breasts pressed up against Alteras back, while also looks like shes fingering Alteras pussy.

And Altera gets a healthy does of warm Meymey cream too :D

Picture drawn by Elwinne

Friday, December 13, 2013

Altera and Elly

Altera and Elly having some fun in the classic 69 pose :)

Elly getting a nice taste of Alteras pussy while Altera sucks on Elly's dumbell studded futacock in hope of getting lots of cream from it ;)

Commissioned from Lunareyes
Check out more of her stuff on HentaiFoundry ^^

Altera VS Demonwall

Again, Altera tries to solo a Boss from the Final Fantasy universe, but she got her ass, (and pussy) licked pretty hard this time by the infamous Demonwall xD

Commissioned from Bobbydando

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Altera the Cheerleader

 Altera is a proud Twin Adder ;)

Go Adders, GO. Go Adders GO :D

Altera and the Ebonguards

Altera in a shiny latex suit, arms all tied up and turned into the Ebonguards sextoy ;)

Commissioned from Lunareyes

Dipping into Lime

Lime changed her race from a Miqo'te, and is now a sexy dark tanned Elezen, which Altera couldnt wait to sex up a little, and starts by popping Lime's anal cherry ;)

Commissioned from Lunareyes

Monday, November 4, 2013

Gangbang Altera

Altera knows how to multitask a lot of cocks at once. And she is looked at you to line up next to receive her treatment.

What hole would you guys prefer ;) Anal, Mouth or Pussy. Why not try all ;)

OrionM's coloring and drawing style is simply amazing, and I have always wanted a picture from him. Sure glad I did ask him for one :D

Commissioned from OrionM


Happy Halloween everyone.

Sorry I posted this too late :p
But FFXIV sure is sucking up a lot of my free time between after work and sleep xD

Altera going trick or treating and knocks on Mey Meys house for the best trick AND treat she's ever received. Altera is sure to visit Mey Mey every Halloween now xD

Commissioned from Bobbydando

Ready to enter

Tentacles are opening Altera's pussylips and getting ready to have some fun with her. Also 1 tentacle has also started inserting many smaller tentacles up her butts, wiggling up deep inside xD

Commissioned from Zap n Blast

Altera BJs my cartoony self xD

I allowed Faustsketcher to have Alteras pussy as hes been a great artist and good friend to me, and he also drew myself getting a BJ from my own Altera ;)

Received from Faustsketcher

2 cocks, 1 hole

Seems Altera likes having 2 thick cocks up her butt :)

Also wearing her new bikini combo ;) Black and White ^^

Commissioned by Lunareyes

Sujaki Spitroasted

Sujaki is getting spitroasted by Altera and Lime :)

Sujaki sure seems to know how to deepthroat Altera's long futacock ;) Nice throatbulge so you can see how deep it is :3

And Lime sure looks cute with that strapon dildo ^^

Commissioned from Lunareyes

Messy Tentacles

Altera getting some messy loving from some cock tentacles :)
She is also sporting her new hairstyle. Wonder what new styles arrives in FFXIV once Patch 2.1 gets implemented along with Hair Salon ^^

Commissioned from BadmanBastich

Hentai Foundry Hotel Contest

Altera got included in a picture done by Franarok for the contest going on over at Hentai Foundry :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Altera and Minfilia

 Altera loves Minfilias big breasts :)

Motorboating her tits while fucking her pussy is a nice double pleasure :)

Commissioned by the awesome Lunareyes :D

Check out more of her stuff on Hentai Foundry ^^

Friday, October 11, 2013

Joining the Scions

 Altera didnt take long after being enlisted to join the Scions, to turn their leaders into her sexy playthings ;)

Finally got to have fun with Yda and Minfilia :)
Not sure why I havent seen more hentais with these sexy Hyurs so far :D

But I will try get more done with them, incl Y'sthola ^^

Commissioned from Lunareyes

Ayleria, Altera and Deruka

Altera is going deep inside Lunareyes' Ayleria, while her kitty wife Deruka has fun with Alteras butt :3

Commissioned from Lunareyes

DP Strapons

Altera all tied up as Yuniko and Sujaki has their way with Alteras ass and pussy. Naughty kittens, but I think Altera loves it ;)

Commissioned from Lunareyes

Beach and Bikinis

The Moontails takes a trip to the Costa Del Sol beach to try out their brand new bikinis ;)

Commissioned from BadmanBastich

TEST Plugsuit

 Altera cosplays again. This time with Asuka's TEST plugsuit from the new NGE anime.

Love seeing Altera in a skintight latex suit :3

Commissioned from Bobbydando

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Altera cosplays Samus Aran

 Altera cosplays as Samus from Metroid.

Gotta love a sexy pussy in a latex suit :D

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Horny Trio

Altera, Yuniko and Linora having some sexy time once again :3

Altera giving Yuniko's pussy a footmassage, and Linora sucks on Alteras boobs while fingering her pussy :3

Commissioned from Franarok

Lick that pussy, Nalica

 I gave Animeflux complete freedom to draw Altera in any situation and with any OC he wanted.

And I very happy with seeing Altera getting a nice pussylicking from his cute and sexy dragongirl, Nalica :D
And for the futa fans out there, enjoy this version where Altera messes herself and tastes her own cum as she climaxes from Nalica's excellent tonguework ;)

Commissioned from Animeflux

Thanks, Sujaki

Sujaki commissioned a sexy picture where Altera gets to fuck Sujaki's throat, while she herself enjoys a nice big blue dildo :3

Thanks Sujaki for including my Altera in your commission

Commissioned from Lunareyes

Unicorns, Mount Up

After riding their Unicorns all the way from Gridania to La Noscea, Altera and Linora felt they needed to let their trusty unicorns mount them as reward for their journey.

Looks like both the kittens and unicorns enjoys the "ride" :)

Commissioned from Bobbydando

Good stretch

Altera getting her pussy pounded and stretched quite a lot after loosing her battle with Ifrit.

Doesnt look like she minds it though xD

Commissioned from Lunareyes

Hotspring relaxation

Altera enjoying a nice sip of sake, while Natya enjoys a sip of Alteras cock for her creamy milk ;)

Commissioned from SquishyINK

Tessa, Altera and Miya

Alteras turn to get filled up on both sides. Getting to taste Miya's sweet cock while Tessa fills her pussy with warm cream :3

Commissioned from Lunareyes

Aurica, Wingblade and Altera

Altera and Aurica ganging up on Wingblade. Altera fills her pussy while Aurica gets a nice BJ ;)

Commissioned from Lunareyes

Cosplaying Kittens

 Altera, Yuniko and Linora cosplaying as their favorite OCs from other games and anime series.

Altera in the dress Urd wears in the anime Ah My Goddess
Linora as Sona from League of Legends
Yuniko as Ahri, also from League of Legends

Commissioned from Artemisumi

Lick them toes

Altera and Yuniko licking eachothers toes, and Altera decides to also give Yunikos pussy some toe action ;)

Commissioned from Naranjou

Costa Del Sol

Altera, Yuniko and Linora relaxing at the beach bar at Costa Del Sol in La Noscea, sipping some fine wine and enjoying themselves :)

Commissioned from Lunareyes

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Monstergirls Teamwork

Two monster girls living in the same area of the jungle decided to join forces in hunting for food or mating. Fortunatly for Altera and Linora, they were looking for mating.

Altera slightly drowsy from the driders kisses, is having a great time.
Linora however, still trying to adjust to the Lamias massive shaft when she suddenly felt something solid being forced into her womb, giving her quite a shock.

Commissioned from Bobbydando

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Grind the stripperpole

 Altera again with her stripperpole showing off her sexy outfit ;)

Commissioned from Faustsketcher

Altera VS Ifrit

 Altera entered the Bowl of Embers alone, wanting to see if she could solo the big bad Primal Ifrit.

Not sure if this is a loss or a win ;) Maybe a Win-Win situation. Ifrit gets to try a tight pussycat while Altera gets a good stretching ;)

Commissioned from Lunareyes

A Proper DP

Linora getting her ass and pussy filled with Alteras big futacock and Yuniko's hand ;)

Altera pokes her ass, and Yuniko fists her womb ;)

Commissioned from Lunareyes

Altera and Tessa

Altera ties up Tessa and has her way with her, getting her to swallow all of Altera's cum at the end ^^

Commissioned from Zezka