Saturday, July 27, 2013

Altera and Sujaki

Altera welcomes the arrival of a new kittyfriend, Sujaki,  who will be joining FFXIV ARR when it launches ;)

Commissioned from Lunareyes

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Altera and Wingblade

Altera and Wingblade enjoying some nice fuckin time in the bedroom ;)

Simply love the way Lunareyes draw butts, boobs, thighs, hips, basicly everything as well as awesome coloring skills :D

Commissioned by Lunareyes

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Altera and Aurica

Altera and Aurica out and about in the woods of Gridania's Black Shroud having some lighthearted fun. Hope the forest Moogles isnt spying on them ;) hehehe

Commissioned from Naranjou

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Moontails and Ebonguards

While Yuniko is out getting some fun toys, anal beads. Altera, Linora, Ayleria and Deruka could not refrain from warming up for Yuniko to return with the "goodies" ;)

Commissioned from Lunareyes

Aaaaaand Yuniko arrived with all the toys to use :)
Linora takes a little breather while Yuniko steps in for her to sit on Altera's futacock.

Altera's face is simply saying. OOOoooooh dis pussy be good shit mon. XD

Cant imagine how much she will climax into Yuniko's sweet soft pussy :3

And ofc the Ebonguards are showing impressive stamina still going strong xDD Guess big Roegadyn females does have good stamina xD

Commissioned from Lunareyes

Altera the Striptease

 AAAninja never ceases to amaze me with his incredibly sexy pictures.

Putting Altera in such a sexy stripper pole situation is making me drool xD
The latex look on the swimsuit/bikini and thigh high boost is truly outstanding :D

Feel free to slip a few dollar bills anywhere you want, and maybe she will give you a private lapdance ;)

Received from AAAninja

Meeting the Ebonguards

Altera and the Ebonguard couple. And they are quite a fun couple too which is so nice to draw sexy pictures for me :)

Commissioned from Lunareyes

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Nice treatment

After receiving the first picture from Lunareyes, I could not hold back to commission her ASAP for more :D

She drew Alteras colors and looks absolutly perfect ^^
And looks like Deruka has some great Oral skill as Altera seems to loose her sanity from Deruka's double handed jerking and sucking.

With some help from her Ayleria groping and putting a dildo up Altera's pussy ofc XD

Commissioned from Lunareyes
Be sure to check out her gallery at HentaiFoundry ^^

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Horny Trio ;)

Yuniko isnt normally into this kinda stuff, but since she is doing it with her sexy partner Linora, she agreed this once ;)

Commissioned from Franarok

Breaking in a Elezen for FFXIV ARR

Lunareyes, an artist on Hentai Foundry is getting excited to play FFXIV after playing the beta. So she made her sexy dark Elezen female, Ayleira.

And to help her Ayleria break into FFXIV, she got help from her sexy Miqote wife Deruka, and Altera was happy to join in and help out.

Altera is such a helpful kitten isnt she ;)

Drawn by Lunareyes on Hentai Foundry

Hotsprings Orgy

Zezka included my Altera in quite a wild orgy in the hotsprings with lots of sexy OCs from other people on Hentai Foundry :D

Drawn by: Zezka