Sunday, December 23, 2012

Xmas Presents :3

Faustsketcher surprised me with this awesome Xmas calendar.
Altera got 24 anal beads up her butt and pulls
one out for each day xDDD

Thank you so much Faustsketcher ^^

Present I got from the amazing talented Elwinne for Xmas featuring my own Altera in a golden latex butt cleavage dress. As well as her own Elf girl Elwinne, Delita's Vem, and NK's NinjaKitty ^^

Thank you so much Elwinne:)
Another picture present I received from Franarok.
Picture was commissioned by the owner of the sexy blonde hyur Karina :3
Also featuring Franarok's sexy draenei Neira ^.^

Thanks so much Karina and Franarok ^^

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Merry Kitty-mas

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays from Altera and her kitty friends :3

Looks like Altera and her friends got what they wished for this year ;)

Commissioned from: Froly ^^

Friday, December 14, 2012

Altera and Marona

Altera and Marona enjoying some strawberry colored tentacles :)

The artist Stefanie said she has never done tentacles before and was worried I would not like the picture xD
I love how cute and amplebreasted she made Altera :D

Commissioned from: Stefanie Brignac

Monday, December 10, 2012

Alley Cats

Altera and Nataya having a fun time in the alleyway headed to the Chocobo stables.

That chocobo looks as it wants in on the action. Maybe it will, some nice chocobo breeding?  :D

Commissioned by Nataya from Franarok

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Another round plz

Altera's hunger for warm man-cream knows no bounds and is looking for another round who can fill her up some more.

She doesnt care which hole it goes into .  She will swallow gallons of cum and allow her womb to swell up with the creamy stuff before she is satisfied ;3

Commissioned from: Froly
Check out more of her awesome gallery on HentaiFoundry

Seductive Pussy

Altera by an outdoor hotspring in the sunset. Wet and ready to receive the first set of cocks into her dripping wet pussy.

Queue up, and let her have it :=)

Commissioned from: Personalami ^.^

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

HELP, I'm stuck!!!

Altera and her friend Marona ventured into a dungeon in search of treasures.
But as Altera found a hidden room, she gets chased through the dungeon by a tentacle monster which rips the little clothes she wears off of her as she runs for safety

She manages to get to the hole in the wall she came through, but gets tangled up by tentacles holding her in place.
And as any tentacle monster would, he gives Altera the full treatment. XDD

Commissioned from: Bobbydando

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Altera Reborn

 With Eorzea burnt and destroyed by Bahamut in the End of an Era of FFXIV, Altera brings new life into A Realm Reborn with her baby kitty Alessa.

Soon she might also roam the lands of new Eorzea in search of cocks in all shape and form just like Altera XDDD

I was a bit apprehensive of making pictures of Altera where she is pregnant, but quite a lof people have commented if they ever got to see pregnant Alt or Loli Altera.

So I decided to go through with it. Faustsketcher also was very happy being allowed to do this as he has never been given pregnant commissions, and this was his first time doing so :3

Commissioned from: Faustsketcher ^^

Pussy Sandwich

Altera cant decide where to slide her big futa cock into first. Both "pussies" are so inviting ^_^

Featuring Manux on top of her GF ;3

Commissioned from Franarok

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lumierea and Altera

 Altera and a sexy gray Elezen Lumierea sharing some delightful tentacles together :3

Clean and Wet versions :3

Commissioned from: Elwinne

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Altera. I got this a few days after Halloween itself. But better late than never.

Anyone looking for candy can lick her buttcheeks as Altera has sprayed some candyslime on them ;3

Commissioned from Stefanie.
I do not know if she has a Hentai Foundry profile as the artist is a friend of someone I know in FFXIV xD

Altera does FF8 XD

Now that FFXIV is shutting down servers for a little while as A Realm Reborn is being worked on. Altera took at trip to one of her favorite FF games which this time was FF8 to find Squall and give him some "pussy" XD

Hope you like it

Commissioned from: Franarok

Altera and Nataya

Altera and Nataya getting some nice tentacle stuffing. Altera has gone for the egg treatment while Nataya has picked big shots of cum xD

Commissioned from: Franarok

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kitty kitty Gang Bang

Altera, Manux and Manu having a good old gangbang going on :3

Manux looks like shes jealous of Altera and Manu both having 2 cocks, and she has 1. But doesnt notice the cock coming for her butt  :D

Commissioned from: Franarok

Visit for more sweet pictures :3

WTB Cock in ass xD

Picture I got from CuteEmmy of Altera and one of her own original character having some nice dildo action. But Altera has room for for a cock or 2 up her butt  XD
First cum, first serve

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Trick or Treat

Halloween is soon upon us. So Altera decided to give her slutty slave Manux some sticky sweets :3

Commissioned from: Nyuunzi

Altera gets slimed

Altera ventured into some old ruins in search of treasure and rare artifacts. But as she entered 1 of the rooms, she got trapped inside and slime started to pour out of the walls.

The slime starts to take Alteras own shapes as it goes after Alteras pussyjuice and saliva. The slime emits pheramones that weaken Altera and makes her horny which increases her pussy juice production.

Im guessing Altera will be staying in that room for a while ;3

Commissioned from: Bobbydando
Check out more of his awesome pictures on Hentai Foundry

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fun in the sauna

 Altera, Manux and Manu all get hot and bothered, and sticky in a nice steamy sauna :)

Manux is a catgirl character I have seen several times on the web, and just simply love her looks. So I was super happy when the owner said she wanted to see her Altera put her futacock in to Manux's holes :3

And Altera jumped right on it as you can prolly see XD
Alteras futacock grows in size when she sees a hot female she would want to fuck. So you can see just how much she wants to fuck Manux XDDD

Commissioned from Faustsketcher
Really grateful he was willing to accept these as these were not in the normal commissions slots he has. Price was worth it though :3

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Twisted Dreams

 A special series of pictures I managed to get Faustsketcher to do for me.
Featuring mainly the Elezen female FFXIV Character Twisted Dreams and her lust for the extreme fetishes. Altera tags along for the ride ;)

These pictures was made by the wishes of a friend of mine in FFXIV who wanted to see his kinky slut elezen enjoying herself in Alteras bondage dungeon xD

These might be a bit different than my normal commission ideas. But its nice with something out of the ordinary XD

Commissioned from: Faustsketcher

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Altera and Sapphic Neko

Owner of Sapphic Neko wanted to see Altera spray cum into Sapphics opened butthole, and Altera is more than willing to comply with that order xD

The bottom picture, Sapphic is squirting all of Alteras first load out ;3

Commissioned from: Melkor Mancin

Pleasuring Tentacles

Altera loves tentacles, what can I say XD

Franarok did a nice job with tentacles licking Altera's futacock in cumming. As well as filling her up in pussy and ass with big shots of cum :3

Commissioned from: Franarok

Altera VS Ifrit

Altera is preparing to become a Summoner in A Realm Reborn. And since Ifrit was a little too big as he is in XIV, Altera travelled to FF 8 to sneak into Ifrit's cave in hopes to conquer him.

But it looks like she lost.

Or did she? XD Seems to like being his fucktoy imo :3

Commissioned from: Franarok

Sex on the beach

Altera in some nice doublepenetration sex at the beach with Lotharemas and Nanako.

I do still have a thing for Draeneis, since I used to play one myself for many years before I went to FFXIV and made my Miqo'te Altera ;)

Commissioned from Nyuunzi

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cold Color Trio

3 cold colored girls in some hot action:)
Altera and Neira giving Nanako some tittyfuck and cocklicking pleasure. Nanako looks pretty satisfied :3

Commissioned from: Franarok
Check out more of his pictures on Hentai Foundry ^^

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Tentacular Situation

Altera, Kiki and Babydoll having a nice threesome, when some underground tentacles smelled hot pussies in action and wanted in on the fun.

Tentacles seem to love Altera butthole as they always seem to slither all the way through. It also ends up getting a blowjob from Babydoll

Quite the situation huh. XD

Commissioned from the great John Russell
Check out his gallery on HF for more awesome pictures ^^

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pleasure on the couch

My first commission from Sienna.
Gotta say. I was very pleased watching the livestream seeing the picture going from black and white into full colors.

She sure drew lovely curvy shapes on Alteras body :3

A simple idea of having Altera fingering her pussy on a couch, turned out to be such a sexy picture ^^

Commissioned from Sienna

Check out more of her awesome work on Hentai Foundry

Sienna gave me some extra versions of my commission :3
Futa version with and without bikini top
and normal pussyfingering with her top on with her hand going underneath the bikini

Thank you so much Sienna :3

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Altera goes deep(throat)

 Altera loved Tessa's magical futacock so much when fucking her last time, that she couldnt resist to have a taste of her giant sausage.
Altera also tries to swallow the entire thing to be close enough to lick Tessa's pussy, but Tessa cumming down her throat hard, makes it quite difficult.

Cant say Altera isnt trying at least XD Altera will be having more fun with Tessa in the future ^^

Commissioned from the awesome: Faustsketcher

Hope he gets his PC fixed as it broke shortly after finishing this commission for me.
I have decided to try donate some money now to him, in case he needs to replace the PC for a new one.
I am really sad to see such a nice person having such hardships in his life lately. Health issues from overworking, stress and now PC out of order is so sad to see him go through :(

I have also decided that when I receive the money from selling my grandma's house, that I will donate 1000€ to him. ^_^

Monday, September 10, 2012

Spank that ass :D

Felt like getting a picture of Altera getting her ass slapped. And Kiki wanted to do the honors ;3

I also thought it would be funny to have a picture where Altera has a similar face like when a real cat/kitten has when it is angry like hissing and showing its fangs XD

Hope you all like it ^^

Commissioned from Sabudenego
Check out more of his stuff on his HentaiFoundry profile ^_^

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tentacle Pit

I love the picture Ganassa drew for me. I just missed her purple skin, so I messed around a little myself on Photoshop. It isnt perfect, but even with the dark lightning inside the Tentacle Pit where Altera is, I just felt her skin would be turning brown etc xD

My first picture commissioned from Ganassa.
Altera has walked into a Pit of Tentacles which gives Altera some serious action.

1 tentacles does the penetrating while all the others restrains her every move while that 1 tentacle goes in her mouth, slithers all the way through her until it comes out her butt, and ends by plopping itself into her soft wet pussy :)

She might have tears in her eyes, but thats not because she does not like it. xDDD

Commissioned from Ganassa.
Check out more of this artist's pictures on Hentai Foundry ^^

Altera poses for you all :3

Just felt like posting the wallpaper I made during FFXIV's last years Summer Festival Event in the game where we received the bikinis as rewards:)

This is how she looks inside the game compared to how she looks like in my commissioned pictures.
I know her looks varies in my commissions. But that is because every artist has their own take on making her :)

Hope you like it, even if its not a commissioned picture XDDD

Altera and Nahaara by the sea

Altera and Nahaara get all cozy by the seaside :3
By the look on Nahaara's face, it looks as if there might be some onlookers on the beach.
But that doesnt bother Altera feeling Nahaara up and stripping off their microkinis ^_^

Commissioned from Nyuunzi
Check out more of his stuff on his HF profile