Thursday, November 13, 2014

Going back to Cephon

Thanks to Square Enix coming out with the new Character Rename feature on the MOGstation.
I decided to go back to my original name as 


The lastname Moontail came from Yuniko Moontail who asked me during the relaunch of XIV ARR if I would change to it, and I did.
But as I dont see, hear or play much with her lately, I decided to go back to my original name that I was fond of.

And also, please update your bookmarks with


I will leave the Moontail blog up, but I have merged it with the old Cephon one I had before changing to Moontail :p

Commission Dump

 Altera the blackmage, lost a 1v1 duel against Meymey the Monk.
Doesnt look like she minds the beatings she gets xD
 Altera offering her "backdoor" to make a tentacle happy ;)

Bobbydando as the artist
 The latest version of Altera, getting serviced by her old 1.0 and ARR 2.0 versions XD

Cant have too much Altera right? XD
 Altera loves going through pumpkin patches during Halloween, as theres plenty of horny scarecrows and tentacle prone pumpkins to have fun with ;)

 These pumpkins became quite a fan of Altera's pussy, ass and throat, going quite deep inside XD

Picture by Bobbydando
Altera helps Deruka train her pet Lime with a good old DP ;)

Picture by Lunareyes

Maid to serve

 Altera is trying to clean Miya's FC house, but she keeps being interupted to perform her other more sexual duties.

Altera doesnt mind it though. I think she like this more than cleaning xD

Commissioned from AAAninja