Thursday, March 28, 2013

NinjaKitty Contest Entry

I commissioned Franarok to bring my idea to life, and I think he did a real awesome job considering I dropped this on him, with a really tight deadline as Contest entries closes in 2 days.

He did this in about 12hours total :D

Basicly my idea was to mix NinjaKitty and her Mr. Wangsworth in a Final Fantasy setting.
NK is wearing the FF11's Ninja armor, with NKs normal outfit colors ^^

And Mr Wangsworth as a White Mage, whose hat is way to big, so it blocks his views, thinking he casts Cures on NK, while all this time hes healing the baby Chocobo who just stands there all WTF ?? XD

Hope you all like it :D

Commissioned from Franarok :)


 Lots of catgirls here getting some proper anal penetrations :)

Linora is the dark, greenhaired kitty
Yuniko is the tanned redhaired kitty
Laliana is the tanned whitehaired kitty :)

Several versions on this commissions.
Normals, Kiss marks, Squirting, and Squirt + Kiss marks :)

Hope you enjoy them ^_^

Commissioned from InCase

Monday, March 25, 2013

Altera against the glass

Altera getting pressed up against a glass wall while Alexandrious fucks her pussy from behinds. Her big, soft and wet pussylips sure looks inviting for any cocks I think XD

Commissioned from Franarok

Altera and NinjaKitty

Altera and NinjaKitty spent some nice time in a japanese bath house, and had a few drinks of Sake too many XD

NK falls asleep, leaving Altera up to her naughty self, licking NKs pussy all well and steals her companions Wangsworth for her own pleasures :3
Wangsworth seems to be smiling though being inside Altera's pussy ;)

Commissioned from NinjaKitty ^^
Check out more of her awesome pictures on her gallery on ^^

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Goin' all the way

Now that is 1 truly amazing tentacle at work ;)

Altera and Cherie was just sitting and fondling and kissing eachother when a super slippery tentacle plunged into Cherie's ass, going through her body and exits her mouth, and then enters Altera's mouth, slithering through her body, exits her butt and digs into her pussy.

That is 1 dedicated tentacle XDDDD

Commissioned from Faustsketcher

Altera takes a lickin'

 Altera and Yuniko again having some good time together.
Yuniko has such a lovely tongue for licking and causes Altera to experience a squirting orgasm ;)
 Commissioned from PreyingPhantom

All hands in

Yuniko warming her hands in Altera's warm and moist holes ;)

Commissioned from SquishyINK

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Commissioned Faustsketcher to have him do 2 pictures for me to use on a dakimakura pillow :D

Can't wait for the pillows to arrive ;)

If anyone wants the original pictures to order a dakimakura themselves, you can email me on: and I will send you the correct size pictures needed to send to the store that custom prints these pillow covers :)

This is the online store I ordered my pillows from:

Fairytail and Altera

A picture commissioned by the owner of the elfgirl Fairytail which was kinda enough to allow Altera to join on the tentacle action :)

Thank you Fairytail :)
Commissioned from Franarok

Rectal Exam

 Altera sure does a proper job examining Yuniko's anus :D

At least Yuniko will not suffer from constipation for the time being xDDD

Commissioned from Faustsketcher

Bun in the oven?

Is Altera putting a bun in Yuniko's oven? :O

Guess we have to check in on these 2 lovebirds over time to find out xDDD

Commissioned from Faustsketcher


Altera and Yuniko sharing another passion filled moments alone, and Altera really wants to taste Yunikos milk as she is hard at work sucking those nice titties Yuniko has ^^

Commissioned from: Onagi


Commissioned from: Stefanie Brignac

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gentle Feet

 I think the page numbers is mislabelled xD As it goes to page 2, and page 3 seems to be missing, but it isnt.

Commissioned from DireLilith

Deep Clean