Thursday, March 28, 2013

NinjaKitty Contest Entry

I commissioned Franarok to bring my idea to life, and I think he did a real awesome job considering I dropped this on him, with a really tight deadline as Contest entries closes in 2 days.

He did this in about 12hours total :D

Basicly my idea was to mix NinjaKitty and her Mr. Wangsworth in a Final Fantasy setting.
NK is wearing the FF11's Ninja armor, with NKs normal outfit colors ^^

And Mr Wangsworth as a White Mage, whose hat is way to big, so it blocks his views, thinking he casts Cures on NK, while all this time hes healing the baby Chocobo who just stands there all WTF ?? XD

Hope you all like it :D

Commissioned from Franarok :)

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