Thursday, July 18, 2013

Moontails and Ebonguards

While Yuniko is out getting some fun toys, anal beads. Altera, Linora, Ayleria and Deruka could not refrain from warming up for Yuniko to return with the "goodies" ;)

Commissioned from Lunareyes

Aaaaaand Yuniko arrived with all the toys to use :)
Linora takes a little breather while Yuniko steps in for her to sit on Altera's futacock.

Altera's face is simply saying. OOOoooooh dis pussy be good shit mon. XD

Cant imagine how much she will climax into Yuniko's sweet soft pussy :3

And ofc the Ebonguards are showing impressive stamina still going strong xDD Guess big Roegadyn females does have good stamina xD

Commissioned from Lunareyes

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