Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Altera, Nanako and Snow :3

 YAAAY Finally managed to get a commission spot from the awesome UTHSTAR :3

I absolutely LOVE seeing Altera getting to suck on Nanako's big blue cock. And getting some pussy pleasuring from Snow's strapon dildo :3


Commissioned from Uthstar:
Check out more of his amazing picture on Hentai Foundry :D

1 comment:

  1. Epic!

    The next is a pic of Nanako and Neira fucking hard Altera

    I am thinking on a possible idea....why not Altera and Nanako (one infront the other) comparing their huge cock? Like a competition to know who had the best cock (the most cute, fat, long...). and Neira is on the middle of all (with a horny face watching the cocks).
    The general idea is that altera and Nanako want titfuck Neira and only the best one will do

    Do you like the general idea?

    By the way....who is bigger? Nanako or Altera?