Friday, October 17, 2014

Altera goes to the Sun(ny) side

 Messed around with the character creation again, and fell in love with the Slit eyes of the Sunseeker Miqo'tes.

And also with the current dark skin, the red and black color scheme for hair and eyes, was so common. So I tried another combination I have always liked, Black and orange gold.

I feel like the eyes look amazing with the dark skin. All glowing and wild looking :D
Don't think I will change Altera again as this style I fell really in love with :D

Hope you guys also like it hehe.
Sorry that Ive changed her a bit much, but shes still the same kinky kitty ;)


  1. Not sure what's up but there's a render bug with your blog's gallery with Google Chrome. The blog's thumbnails will load fine but not the full image.

    1. The pictures load properly on my Chrome, and others I've talked to. So not sure why you have trouble with it :(

  2. It turns out it was a bug with the beta build of Google Chrome, lol sorry false alarm.